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About us

Delirium is a social and casual-friendly 10-man raiding World of Warcraft™ guild on Hellfire-EU. The guild was formed back in late July 2009, and are now one of the oldest remaining guilds on Hellfire.

We are an international guild with members from different parts of Europe. Our roster consists of everything from casual members who play every now and then, to raiders who sign up to raids regularly and participate in keeping steady progression in raids. Most of our members have real lives with families, study and work. We strive to create a fun and laid back atmosphere, free from any mandatory attendance and guild drama.

Our current raiding schedule:

Day Start End Description
Wednesday 21:00 23:00 Hellfire Citadel
Friday 21:00 24:00 Hellfire Citadel

Outside of our raiding schedule, different events are taking place in the guild. That being alt-raids, challenge modes, raids for old content etc. These are optional, but are contributing to a positive social relationship between our members.

If this has caught your interest, visit our recruitment page and drop us an application. Feel free to drop an application even if recruitment is not open to your class.