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Loot is distributed by use of the EPGP loot system. In the rare case where two or more participants are in need of the same item and they both have exactly the same PR, the priority goes to the member with highest EP.

Delirium uses the EPGP (Effort Points/Gear Points) reward system to distribute loot obtained through raiding. Guild members can view their current standings in-game by downloading the addon. Standings are uploaded to EPGPWeb after raids, so the standings can be accessed when not in-game. If you want to know more about the system you can read about it on the internet.


When playing an alt in a raid, both EP and GP are credited to the main. Initiates get EP and GP credited as normal and participate in loot just like every other member. All mains have priority over alts. If nobody declares interest in an item, BoPs will be disenchanted and the shards deposited in the guild bank. BoEs will be sold on the AH, and the profit will be deposited in the guild bank. You are expected to make informed decisions about loot that benefit the guild and to respect your fellow guild members. No loot system can account for every situation.

EP values

Name Value Decription
On Time Bonus
For being ready to start and inside the instance at the scheduled start time
Awarded every 30 minutes during raids
First Kill
Awarded when the guild kills a boss for the first time
Progress Kill
Awarded for killing bosses that are considered on progression
Farm Kill
Awarded for killing bosses that are considered on farm
Bonuses may be awarded at the raid leader's discretion
30 %
Other members online during a raid can be put on standby *

* Standby raiders will get a percentage of the awarded EP even if they are not inside of the raid group. The requirements to be able to be on standby is to have sufficient level, time and gear to replace a player in the raid group at a moment's notice should the need arise.

GP values

These are the current values we use.

Priority Type GP Value Description
1 Major Upgrade
100 %
The item is an upgrade for your main talent build. Item tooltip value is used.
2 Minor Upgrade
50 %
If an item drops that is the same ilevel as the item you're using in that slot, you can declare interest in it as a minor upgrade.
3 Non PvE
10 %
Any items that is not considered an upgrade to your raid roles (PvP gear for instance)

Special items

Some items are not distributed with EPGP. Refer to the below table for examples of this.

Item type Method Example
Highest EP
Epic BoP recipes which create BoE items
/roll 100
Any quest items, like Head of Onyxia
/roll 100
Mounts and other non-performance enhancing items

* Excluding quest items for legendary quest lines. Any such items will go to the person with highest EP value.

BaseGP, minimum EP & decay

Setting Value Description
BaseGP 100 Prevents new members having "infinite" PR.
MinEP 500 Members much earn this amount of EP before they can declare interest in loot.
Decay 10 Reduces your EP and GP by that percentage once per week.