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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting

Signing up & raid invites
All official guild raids are scheduled by the raid leader ing-game. An announcement is posted in the GMOTD as a reminder to sign up. All participating members are required to read and adhere too our raid rules. When overbooked, the raid will be made up after signup time. Invite priority is subject to the raid leaders discretion depending on (but not limited to) the available classes and roles, who is online and prepared at raid start etc.

Raids require preparation and knowing the tactics is the key to a successful raid. Most bosses require alot of coordination from all the raiders, therefore it is important to read up on the encounters the raid. A summary of the guild tactics for bosses will be periodicaly posted in the forum-section Raid strategy and guides a long with a video to show the encounter. Tankspot and Icy Veins are also good sites to read and watch videos to get an idea of the tactics. You are encouraged to comment and discuss the tactics in the appropriate thread.

Flasks, food, and potions are mandatory for all progression runs. Also, do not forget to feed your mount. This can be fatal to your ability to make the raid on time. So before taking the flight-path or portal to your raid location, make sure you have the needed consumables for your class. This might only make a small difference on your performance, but when everyone in the raid does it, it will make a significant difference for the raid. Also make sure you got some gold for repairs. Some fights might require special gear, like frost/fire/nature resistance, some fights might require you to do a different role, like DPS as standard, but healing on one boss. So make sure you have all the gear you will need for the entire raid with you.

Required addons
The following addons and programs are required in all our scheduled raids. Make sure you got them all installed and working before showing up.

  • Deadly Boss Mods or similar. Warns you of important boss abilities etc.
  • GTFO. Provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in.
  • EPGP. Let's you see your loot standing in-game.
  • EPGPLootmaster User interface for needing on loot with EPGP. Speeds up the loot distribution process.
  • Skada or Omen for monitoring your threat level.
  • Mumble. Voice communication program. Everyone in a raid must be able to at least listen. We prefer that everyone also has a microphone.

Connection and channel information for the Mumble server can be found in the main menu of the website when logged in as a member.

Raids last for quite some time and it is important that everyone have a good time and enjoy themselves. We like to have a good and happy atmosphere in our raids. If you want to comment or give your advice about something, this should be done in private chat. We are not raiding to show off our incredible skills or power or too prove one is better than another. We raid for Progress, loot, and most important, fun.

We normally have a 5-10 minute break per hour. Avoid going AFK during the raid as much as possible, since it will delay progress.

Wipes and deaths
If you die in the middle of a boss-fight, don`t release at once, the raid leader might want a battle resurrection cast on you. If you are told to resurrect, do it and get back to the instance.

Listen when the raid leader is talking about tactics even if you have done it many times before, something might have changed. If something is unclear or you have another question, wait until the raid leader comes to a pause before asking.