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A Member, who has been in the Guild for a time, and who has shown the skills, qualities and attributes beyond that of a Member. A Member who has attended Guild raids in the recent past.

To be a Raider all, or at least the majority, of the following must be met:
  • Is signing up to, and is making themselves available for at least 1 raid per week (not including planned absences or holidays), ideally signing up for an average of 50% of all planned events.
  • Someone who is signing up early and not at the last possible minute all the time.
  • Is as well geared as is possible. Uses appropriate enchants and gems.
  • Knows their class, and how to play that class. Is capable of justifying their spec/build/gear if it deviates from the norm.
  • Is prepared to use and gear their Off-spec for the benefit of the Guild i.e. as tank/healer/damage (not a requirement).
  • Attends raids on time, and comes prepared with flasks/pots/repair money/etc.
  • Ideally gives notice when they cannot attend a raid they have signed up for.
  • Listens to and follows the instructions of the Raid Leader and other Officers in raids appropriately. Does not debate endless tactics after being given them by the Raid Leader.
  • Prepares for raids by watching videos and reading up on tactics prior to raids, and is willing to bring their own experiences and insights to the raid, particularly relating to their own class.
  • Shows a mature manner during raids, is not critical of others publicly. Is relaxed about failure .
  • Is willing to help support the Guild through providing raid mats i.e. fish for Fish Feasts, herbs for flasks, gold for the Guild Bank funds, useful profession mat etc. when they are able to do so.
  • Can only change their Main Spec after consultation with the Officers.
  • May be asked to modify their Main Spec i.e. change from BM to Marksman/Destruction to Affliction.
  • If capable of buffing, does so without being asked repeatedly and brings necessary reagents.
  • Someone who has shown they are capable to learning and applying raid tactics and skills.

Benefits of achieving Raider rank:
  • Priority over Members for progression raid attendance.
  • 200 gold repair bill pr day
  • Access to cheap or free flasks/pots etc for raids (dependent on Guild resources).
  • Access to tab 1-4 in the guild bank, 5 stack/item pr day.