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If you want to become a member of Delirium, please follow these steps:
  1. Read our guild policy and charter. Everything you need to know about us can be found in the About section.
  2. Review our recruitment needs. Note that these are for guidance only. If you feel you are an exceptional person, please feel free to apply regardless of your classes recruitment status.
  3. Check out our roster to see who you may be raiding with.
  4. If you would like to contact us in-game prior to apply you can contact the Guild Master or any officer.

Before you fill out your application you have to register an account. Please use your in-game character name as your username so everybody can recognize you.

All submitted applications are posted publicly on this website. If you wish to post an app in private, please speak with an officer for more information. Applicants can view comments on their app here.

Apply to join now